Sorry, no breeding for the forseeable future.

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Unfortunately, I am at the mercy of genetics. In the past few years, I have attempted to breed 10 times, and only had 3 successful litters. Many of those attempts required a lot of money. For instance, in March 2016, I drove Marishi all the way to Florida to breed her with Arufa. Not just hotels along the way, but a vet bill for trans cervical insemination (TCI), and dogsitting for the other dogs at home. This was the third time Marishi was bred. She keeps failing to get pregnant, even though timing is perfect, and 3 different males were used. I have spent thousands of dollars breeding her, and I've reached the point where I must give up. Then I acquired Bishamon from Germany, had him xrayed early, and tried to use him for breeding with both Marishi and Kodachi, with no results. His semen was checked, and it turns out he is completely sterile, not a single sperm in sight. Just as well, because he died just after age 3 of aggressive high grade fibrosarcoma in his neck area, which I believe is genetic coming from his fathers side. A relative of his had the same thing and ended up being put to sleep before age 4. I've found several other related dogs who had various tumors or heart problems, and died at an early age. At close to age 7, Kodachi could still be bred, as she's in good shape. But there are no other males out there with breeders I can trust to talk health with me. I have found there are not just health problems, but a lot of reproductive challenges in Tosas. Males who can't tie with the females, poor quality sperm, female reproductive problems (which can sometimes be overcome with TCI), small litters etc. There's a lot of artificial breeding going on, and I'd really prefer to do just natural breeding. Just my luck I have 2 non breeders, and with 4 Tosas in the house, I'm not going to risk getting another non breeder. It's already a huge expense feeding and caring for so many dogs with no proceeds from breeding to help out. I will leave my site up for information purposes for now. In a few years, I may look for another Tosa or two and hope they turn out well enough to produce puppies worthy of the Tosa House.

Tosa Inu breeder, Ontario, Canada.

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