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Once again, breeding has failed. No plans for the future.

Most of my pups have gone to live in the US, and have left me as early as 8 weeks old, no issues with border crossing. Since Aug.2014, the CDC has made importation of pups a bit more strict pertaining to rabies vaccination. Now it seems to me that buyers in the US would have to get special permission from the CDC to import pups under 4 months of age. I copied this from a website "Beginning on August 11, 2014, all requests for home confinement agreements need pre-approval and should be made by emailing the CDC at in preparation for your trip. After reviewing your individual circumstances, you’ll be notified in writing whether your case has been approved. If so, you’ll receive verification to provide at the border crossing."

Pups are $2500CAD, and I ask for deposits of $500 if you want to be on the waiting list.

Deposits are to show that you are truly interested in a pup, will be accepting deposits in once I know a female is pregnant. Proceeds from puppy sales goes back into the dogs and breeding expenses, I'm not out buying sports cars and new shoes with it. If you have to ask me for a discount, or why my pups cost what they do, then you probably cannot afford a Tosa. My breeding related expenditures in 3 years (and I had no litters) include $600/mth for food, xraying 8 dogs at average $700 each, acquiring 2 breeding dogs at approx $4000 each, and progesterone testing and AI expenses of approximately $3000 (which didn't work by the way), stud fee of $2500. That's $40,700 in 3 years, not including regular vet bills. The gas for all the driving, $150 a day for dogsitting if I want to go away, and the hundreds of hours I dedicate of course is worth nothing. So you see, it costs ME money to provide a dog for YOU.

Tosas and other giant breed dogs should never be fixed before 12 to 18 months. Any earlier, and the development of the pups may be altered. What often happens if done too early, is the dogs (especially males) will grow tall and too skinny, and their heads won't broaden. Also, they appear to be more prone to hip dysplasia, ACL and other tendon problems, cancers, hypothyroidism and others. Personally, I do not insist that you fix your Tosa at all. It is a risk I take that someone will be irresponsible and have an unwanted litter, but I am doubtful about health benefits coming from spay/neuter. My early observations are that it can cause more problems in this breed, in particular a higher predisposition for lymphoma and some other cancers. Neutering males at any age usually decreases aggression, but it also diminishes their musculature and activity level. With middle aged and older intact females, pyrometra is a moderate risk, and if not detected promptly it can cause death. I have NOT observed a predisposition for reproductive system cancers in Tosas (testicular, breast, uterine). If you decide not to fix your Tosa, please be extremely vigilant about preventing reproduction!!

Pups are UKC registered, microchipped, and first vaccines/vet inspection. Pups are sold with contracts to help ensure the welfare of the dog, to warranty for debilitating or lethal genetic defects, and to discourage indiscriminate/backyard breeding. I have had my dogs checked by the vet to see that they in good health, and I feel my dogs are good representatives of the breed. Although I have done health screening, this is NOT a guarantee that every pup will be 100% healthy. This is not merchandise I'm selling. I have been a part of these pup's lives since the second they were born, naturally I will grow attached. I care about each and every pup, and I need people who are willing to give me photos and updates as requested. This is not just for sentimental reasons, but also to track the development, health and structure of the pups. Therefore I need puppy parents who are competent with email and sending photos.

Please make sure you are allowed to keep a Tosa where you live. Also be aware that some insurance companies will not insure you if they know you have a Tosa. If you think you may move overseas, there are several countries where the Tosa is banned. Check online or with me if you have any questions about that.

C litter Kodachi x Cooper @Great Lakes. Born Dec.29th, 2013, 5 males and 2 females. Puppy Pics 2013

B litter Kirin x Taro. Born Sep.3rd, 2010. 7 males and 3 females. Puppy pics 2010

A litter Kirin x Taro. Born June 24th, 2009. There were 6 females and 5 males. Puppy pics 2009


I've had a few inquiries from people wanting to start up breeding Tosas. They think Ah Ha!, here is a breed with very few breeders, I should be able to sell lots of puppies. There are reasons for the lack of breeders, and MANY have tried and failed. First of all, Tosa is not a popular breed, they never can be. It is not that easy to place puppies. Breeding Tosas is not a money wagon, you're lucky if you break even. I've seen pups as cheap as $500 and still can't be sold. Breeders are sometimes stuck with pups until they're 6 months old, and in one case breeder has a couple 2 year old dogs and still can't find homes for them. Buying dogs from me for breeding purposes will have to be under my terms and standards, and that's IF I will sell a dog for that purpose. And for those who have never even met a Tosa, and already thinking about breeding them.....don't even bother to contact me!

Summer 2008, Taro and Kirin posing in the front yard.